We carry out contract braze-welding processes

At Impero, we perfect the services we offer your company every day.

Special services that can often be also as complex as…

Your braze-welding machining

Braze-welding is a special welding technique involving the melting of filler metal only and allows for various applications.

In particular, with our braze-welding processes, you can:

  • Weld together two metals of a different nature
  • Weld together dubious metals
  • Repair parts in various metals, even of considerable thickness
  • Produce joined pieces that require no special finishing
  • Reduce any deformations of the metals to be joined

Obtaining more precise and performing parts!

A tailor-made service for your business

It’s true: braze-welding is a type of machining suitable for various sectors such as industry, automotive, food, refrigeration, tyres and more.


Yet, at Impero we know that each sector and – within it – each company is different from the others because it has unique features, peculiarities and unique needs.


Specific needs that at Impero we are able to meet, thanks to customised support that allows you to realise – in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time – your project .

Do you want to know more about our braze-welding processes or the most suitable welding service for your project?